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New Clients

We take pride in providing excellent service for owners seeking the best possible medical care for their pets. Please bring copies of previous medical records with you to your first visit. Alternatively, you may fax your records to us at (301) 473 4036. Provide all medical paperwork provided to you regarding the well-being of the pet. Arriving early to your first appointment (we suggest 10 to 15 minutes) will allow us ample time to register your pet with our hospital and prepare necessary paperwork. Please print out our Patient Registration Form to complete at home and bring with you to your appointment.


Pet Care Tips

Tips For Your Cat

As part of our American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Cat-Friendly Program, we would like to offer you some opportunities to learn more about your cats, and to arm you with the information and tools that you need to provide them with excellent healthcare. Please follow the links to the right for articles on cat care and videos showing you how to do some simple procedures at home, such as brushing your cat’s teeth or administering medications.

Cat Resources

Call us at (301) 888-6626 if you have any questions.

Tips For Your Dog

We know that dog owners need resources as well to ensure their dogs are happy and healthy. Please follow the links on the right for articles and videos on dog and puppy care showing you how to do some simple procedures at home, such as cutting your dog’s toenails or administering medications.

Dog Resources:

Call us at (301) 888-6626 if you have any questions.

Happy, Healthy Pets

Read Our Pawsitively Rave Reviews
  • “Great staff, always calls back right away to answer our questions. Truly cares about our fur family and has always been responsive and caring. Would definitely recommend, very professional.”

    - Allison Brooks
  • “I have been recommending both Dr. Hennings and the Grooming Room for years. We are thrilled with the care Sophie and Nicholas receive. The staff at the vet clinic is wonderful and we love Dr. Hennings. I can be a ninny worrying about Sophie and Nicholas”

    - Kevin Chapman
  • “The staff at the clinic are always polite, professional, and treat my animal very well. Absolutely no complaints.”

    - Nick Krewson

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  • Keeping Our Patients Healthy and Happy Since 1983
  • Strong Collection of Diverse Training & Medical Backgrounds
  • Individualized Treatment Plans for Our Patients
  • Compassionate & Reliable Veterinarians & Staff
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